Murder Mystery – A murder on the oxenhope express


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A Murder on The Oxenhope Express – Hosted by Dial M for Murder

Embark on a journey with the Oxenhope Express for an unforgettable evening filled with mystery, suspense, and intrigue. Headley Venue, in partnership with the famous Dial M for Murder, invites you to “A Murder on The Oxenhope Express.” This unique interactive murder mystery will whisk you away to a time of elegance and mystery.

As evening descends and the train cuts through Thornton’s calm landscapes, get ready for an immersive adventure from the moment you board. In your best 1920s outfit, we’ll welcome you with champagne. This sets the stage for the night’s sophisticated journey.

Your task, should you accept, is to solve a cleverly designed murder mystery by Dial M for Murder’s imaginative team. The story thickens as you mix with other detectives and intriguing characters. You’ll decode clues and uncover secrets to identify the hidden murderer. Could you be the one to reveal the culprit?

Enjoy a lavish two-course meal echoing the 1920s’ splendor during the event.

“A Murder on The Oxenhope Express” offers more than just an evening; it’s a memorable mix of murder mystery excitement and historical luxury. This event will capture the imagination of both experienced detectives and newcomers to mystery solving, leaving you with lasting memories.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity at the Headley Venue. With limited tickets, the mystery awaits. Secure your spot now and enter a world where every guest could be the key to solving the enigma of “A Murder on The Oxenhope Express.”

Prepare for a night of elegance, mystery, and unforgettable fun. Dress your best, hone your detective skills, and uncover the mystery that will be the talk of the town long after the train’s final departure.

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Murder Mystery